I gone done a website

Hello all. Welcome to my brand-spanking, blood-and-tear-fuelled powered new website.

Those of you who know me, know that web design, digital content, and writing have each become hugely influential parts of my life – the last few years in particular.

In the absence of any musical talent, any dramatic flair – and any girlfriend – Photoshop, WordPress, CSS and FTP have become the tools I use to express my creativity.

I’m passionate about this stuff. I’m ambitious and determined. I’m eager to move to the next big project. Hopefully this hodgepodged CV/blog/portfolio hybrid goes some way to expressing that and maybe leading me there.

So go forth, dear friends, to employers, to recruiters, to acquaintances and antagonists alike. Spread the word. Share the burning buzz. JamesCherry.co.uk is open for business and out to get its quirky creator ahead in life.

As well as showcasing examples of my work, I will be using my own humble little corner of the web to release chapters of my upcoming sort-of-book ‘Big Sir’, my love letter to becoming an awkward, but mostly well-meaning, actual grown-up human being.

Excerpt below:

So what is this book about? It’s about being responsible in a world that makes you completely irresponsible. It’s about simultaneously having your head in the clouds, but your feet in a puddle of piss. It’s about trying to show strength through obvious weakness. It’s about trying to love yourself when the world you’ve created doesn’t allow for it. It’s about trying to fit as many oxymoronic statements into a paragraph as you can for effect. Most of all, it’s about negotiating the impenetrable mountain of modern adulthood with all your bullshit infantile baggage still strapped to your back, constantly reminding you that it’d be much easier to just stop and roll all the way back down into the childish mire you left behind.

This is a book mostly for me, yes, but maybe you’ll find something useful somewhere. I’m told I can be quite insightful.

Of course, I scoffed and argued the contrary.

Enjoy the ride!”

Hopefully that’s tingled your senses somewhat.

If not, maybe the funky rainbow-tinted photo of me will.

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